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  Welding equipment
  Промышленная электротехника

About company Intersvarka:

   CSC "Trade House - "INTERSVARKA" was created in 1995 on the basis of an old "ELEKTRIK" plant named after N.M.Shvernik. "ELEKTRIK" plant was created in 1896 and now it is one of the most outstanding in Russia and CIS producer of electric welding equipment.

   OSC "Elektrik Plant" deals with elaboration, production, complementation and certificate providing for electric arc, plasma and point welding equipment, as well as for equipment used in welding within protective gases (CO2, argon) environment. "Elektrik Plant" has an age-old experience of work in the sphere of electrical engineering.
Goods produced at our plant are known for their reliability and high quality practically in all industrial branches: aircraft industry, automobile- and shipbuilding, nuclear power engineering, oil and gas industry, construction engineering, etc. All our production passes through factory pre-sell control, and that guarantees its high quality.

   Trade house - "INTERSVARKA" is a commercial enterprise, created at the plant in order to organize more close co-operation with the consumers of our production.
In the process of our work we are trying to find different individual ways of co-operation with the customers, we use all possible ways of accounting, and create flexible price policy combined with complex approaches.

   The equipment includes:

  • Welding transformers and rectifiers;
  • Welding rectifiers single-operator;
  • Starting-charging devices;
  • Welding rectifiers multi-operator and ballasts;
  • MIG/MAG welders for semiautomatic gas metal arc welding by steel and tubular wires;
  • TIG-welding machines for currents from 80 up to 500A;
  • Automatic arc welding machines CO2-shielded and submerger arc welding with current range from 160 up to 630A;
  • Welding diesel units on frame and whit one axle chassis;
  • Air plasma cutting machines;
  • Machines for AC/DC and low-frequency current resistance welding: Spot resistance, Seam resistance;
  • Multielectrode resistance welding machines (multispot welders for welding reinforced meshed frameworks as well as special purpose equipment for various types of welding, heating device for home application of various types;
   Thanks to our flexible financial policy we can provide delivery of any welding technical equipment, including import techniques, and price for it will not be more expensive then the price of producing enterprises.
In addition to electric welding equipment delivery we also deal with the selling of welding equipment spare parts, spent materials and welding accessories.

   We are well experienced in complex supplies of electrical equipment, lighting engineering articles, automobile tractor engineering and spare parts.

   Supplies are conducted by self-delivery from our warehouse in Saint-Petersburg. It is possible also to organize delivery be railway transport as well as by containers.

   We are ready for co-operation with enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, that deal with the marketing and intermediary services.

  May Day street, 2, St. Petersburg, Russia, 198320
  e-mail: alex@intersvarka.ru
  Тел.: (+7 812) 741-61-52, 741-61-46, 741-19-50